My name is Nina Roberts, I became a Funeral Celebrant, after giving reading & reading the Eulogy at Family & freinds funerals. Also after going to many that were very impersonal & did not reflect the life of that person

When someone we love dies, it is important  that we say goodbye. As a Funeral Celebrant, I offer service based on Spirituality. With the focus  on celebrating the life loved that has passed to the spirit world.

Celebrating their life, as we mourning their passing, a personal, Taylor-made service that will give you the opportunity to remember who they were, & what they meant to you. Allowing the legacy they left in this world to live on with you. At this difficult time, I send you love, strength & healing thoughts as you move forward.

I leave you with the words that are on my father's grave:

A Little Warmth, A Little Light

Of Loves Bestowing,

& so Goodnight

(from the poem,"Light" by George Leis P.B Du Maurier p.1894)

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Which is the Right Service for you?


Say Goodbye The Way You Want!

I want to help you create the perfect farewell for the person you love. I  work with funeral directors to ensure the service runs smoothly.

Together we will make a  memorable service, of love, laughter, joy ...and likely a few tears, as we celebrate the life of those who have passed to the spirit world.


When A Funeral is not Possible or the Anniversary of a Passing

Sometimes, it is not possible to have a traditional funeral with our loved one's physically being present. This is why we also offer memorial services. To give you the opportunity to say goodbye.

Many even wish to gather on the anniversary of a beloved's passing, to

 remember the love & life you shared.


Say Goodbye to our Pet Family

For many of us, our pets are our an important member family, giving us years of  unconditional love & loyalty, .
I can offer you a funeral or memorial service, personally tailored to reflect the importance & personality  of your furry family members.



What you are paying for​

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!


Cost of Funerals, Memorials & Pet Service

Funeral Services start from £150

Memorial Services start from £100

Pet Service start from £50

A funerals starting price will cover the cost of one meeting, service-writing, & performing the service itself.

Memorial services &  pet services prices will cover writing/performing service and a personalized ceremony.

Travel, over-night accommodation and services lasting longer than 1 hour are the 3 factors considered when calculating the final cost. 


Extra Special Service

Children  & Baby Funerals 

Children under 17 and Baby funerals are always free for the service

The only expense is travel & accommodation if it is some distance from where i live.

Pauper Funerals

Sadly many people cannot afford the funeral for their loved ones, or their is no one left to organise their funeral, or know  family.

i only charge £50 for these services

if you have any queries over costs please contact me.



Customer Subtitle

Customer Subtitle


Nina Roberts

Medium & Tarot Reader

Since the age of 16, I have been working with the Spirit world, I have experience of running a Spiritual Centre where I aim to teach people how to develop their own abilities, along side bringing forward an understanding of life after life. 

I carry out 1-2-1 reading's,  perform Mediumship at various Spiritual Centre's around the country & online around the wrold.

I do not offer any Reading or Mediumship services during funerals.

For those newly bereaved, I urge you to visit a spiritual Centre, there is usually a small donation or entry fee required.

If you wish to inquire about readings or would simply just like to know more about Spirituality; feel contact me.

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Nina Roberts 
Funeral Celebrant

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